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DFCs for Immuno-Oncology

Cidara is developing a new generation of immunotherapeutic agents from its Cloudbreak platform that couple potent drugs to a human antibody fragment. These highly potent, long-acting drug-Fc conjugates (DFCs) are designed to inhibit specific disease targets while simultaneously engaging the immune system.




SARS-CoV-2 and
Other Viruses

DFCs have the potential to become novel treatments for cancer where combination therapies are common. Preclinical efforts are ongoing.

Fewer than 15% of patients respond to monotherapies that target immune checkpoint pathways. Our oncology DFCs have the potential to augment PD-1/PD-L1 therapies and show great promise as a monotherapy or in combination with standard of care or A2AR inhibitors.

Our oncology DFCs are designed to mediate adenosine signaling, a key metabolic pathway that dampens the immune response against a tumor, through CD73 and/or A2AR targeting.

  • Preclinical studies in models of colorectal cancer demonstrate CD73 DFCs have robust anti-tumor activity despite being dosed at half the frequency and at 2/3 the dose of the standard of care.
  • Preclinical studies on CD73/A2AR dual targeting DFCs are ongoing.

DFCs offer the unique opportunity to create highly potent and safe “single molecule cocktails” that can target multiple points in the immune checkpoint pathway simultaneously.